What’s New in Personal Watercraft

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“Soft water” season is coming soon to the lakes area, but while we wait for winter to melt into spring, this is the perfect time to shop for a new water toy – and the new personal watercraft offerings are innovative and stunning, particularly in the Sea-Doo line-up.

On-Water Breaking System

sea-doo GTIRacing across the water and leaving shore in the wake is the appeal of a personal watercraft, but what goes fast must eventually stop, right? After years of sloppy sloshes up to the dock and potential safety risks, Sea-Doo personal watercraft now features a technologically advanced on-water breaking system.

Sea-Doo’s GTI line-up unveils its Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system, boasted as the world’s only on-water braking system for personal watercraft. According to Sea-Doo’s website, if you’re zipping across the water at 50 miles per hour, Sea-Doo’s iBR system lets you stop up to 100 feet sooner than any other watercraft.

Earl Anderson, owner of Ollie’s Service, a Sea-Doo dealer in Alexandria, says, “The new braking system is nine to ten years ahead of the competition. The GTI has revolutionized the industry once again.” The reliability of  stopping and simple maneuvering of your personal watercraft will amplify your day of fast fun on the water.

Comfort and Style

The GTI series gives the personal watercraft body a modern styling while still being loyal to the Sea-Doo product. Features include premium ergonomics that make for a long-lasting, comfortable ride out on the water;

  • Angled footwells that line up with your body. Older models included flat, straight surfaces for riders to rest their feet – much like the gas pedal in your vehicle. But now, curved footwells are in place to allow your feet to naturally rest without being jammed at an uncomfortable angle. Plus, the footwells are designed for less water to collect in them;
  • Sculpted seats. The GTI series seast continue with a Sea-Doo tradition in offering a narrow seat that runs up to the knee area and a wider seat in the saddle area with lumbar support. The passenger seat now features a wrap-around grab handle that allows riders to easily drop their arms to their sides and hold on. In addition, Sea-Doo has doubled the storage space available in the hood of the personal watercraft.


sea-doo GTI 1Sea-Doo’s iBR system and intelligent throttle control allow drivers to shift into forward or reverse using levers on the handlebars. In addition, Sea-Doo watercraft can be started in neutral at the dock. A key feature on the watercraft allows operators to control the amount of power used, which can be a substantial fuel savings.

“If you have people out cruising around and tubing with this watercraft for a day of fun, most people aren’t going to realize that the restrictor is set to use one-third of the power, and that can save a huge amount of money on fuel,” Anderson says. “But at the same time, if you get the guys out there who want to rev it up and go full-power, a push button on the steering column will let them do that.”

Anderson adds that Sea-Doo’s exclusive close-looped cooling system does not use lake water, and that makes the machine quite environmentally friendly. “No one else in the industry has done that,” he says.

According to the Sea-Doo website, power is provided by the same 1,494cc Rotax engine that has moved the GTI line in the past, but it’s now tweaked to increase fuel economy and deliver slightly more performance.

by Amy Chaffins, a writer from Alexandria. 


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