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Photo Source: Stahl Architects & Builders

You have finally purchased that lovely spot on your favorite lake. Congratulations! It is beautiful to be out at the lake on your very own lot. After clearing a little for picnics, vehicles and whatnot, you and your family being to dream about the picturesque little cottage you have always wanted. Or is it a rambler?

Ideas are bursting out of your whole family – quite frankly, too many ideas. Even Scruffy the dog joins in. He wants a lake view with a whirlpool tub and Hollwood walk-in shower … HELP!

Have you considered hiring an architect? Architects can help in the task of building your dream lake home, no matter what the size or scope. From researching lakeshore ordinances to sketching various architectural styles, even kitchen layouts, architects can blend these and other issues into a unique lake home specifically suited to your needs. They are skilled problem solvers and can assist in getting what you want onto paper.

Here are some other ways an architect can help with your project.

Architects are trained to organize client ideas and needs

Building any project requires organizing hundreds of thoughts, even more so with a family excited about a new lake home. These range from a wish list to the basic needs of house.  It can be a relief to have an architect on hand to walk you through all of the steps to building, especially with project that requires additional attention to lakeshore ordinances, views, lifestyles, etc.

Photo Source: Stahl Architects and Builders

Photo Source: Stahl Architects and Builders

Architects are trained to design according to a family’s lifestyle

Every family has a unique lifestyle. This is even more apparent in a lake home setting where family and friends visit frequently and stay for extended periods of time. Acoustics, privacy and meal times, to name a few, can be helped or hindered by a particular design. it is nice to have these issues dealt with when planning out a new home.

Architects can help you look for creative ways to solve issues

Unique lake homes that fit a particular family will need a unique solution to various issues of planning. A loft housing many grandchildren or a fireman’s pole helps add to the character of a lake home. How fun!

Architects are trained to maximize sunlight and views from a home

after placing the lake home on the site for the best views to and from the lake, an architect will lay out a rough plan where each space goes in the home. spaces are prioritized to get the best views while balancing natural daylighting, as well. Nobody wants a dark and dreary lake home with poor views, so architects take great care in this task.

Architects can provide a range of services to fit different homeowner needs

Photo Source: Stahl Architects and Builders

Photo Source: Stahl Architects and Builders

An architect gives a wide range of service options, from a series of simple sketches all the way to a full set of plans, including details and all finishes pre-selected to give you an exact picture of your home. Our company how provides three-dimensional computer drawings, so a homeowner can actually walk around and through his or her house before breaking ground.

Since architects can lay out a floor plan efficiently, they can easily save, for instance 100 square feet (a 10-foot by 10-foot space) with a potential cost savings of $15,000. (Multiply 100 square feet by the average cost of Midwestern construction at $150 per square foot.) That is a bunch of savings, or it can go into some upgraded flooring or cabinets.

Architects can provide a series of options for colors and finishes

A homeowner probably has many ideas of final colors and finishes but needs to know how to prioritize and sift through ideas. A designer displays a series of schemes based on those ideas to allow the homeowner to decide which they prefer to keep within budget.

Architects serve the client by providing for the client’s needs in an artful way

Architects strive to create that physical structure, or house, and transform dreams and desires into a home, truly reflecting you and your family. it is quite a fun experience to dream with an expert (who usually becomes a friend) in designing a home, knowing that your home will be unique to you and the needs of your family – including Scruffy.

by Philip Stahl

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