Think Ahead About Keeping Sand on the Beach and out of the House

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Dirty footprints on white carpetYou finally have that great place on the lake, but no matter what you do, you can’t keep the sand on the beach and out of the house. Some people are able to ignore the mess, but for the rest there are some things that can help keep the mess at a minimum.


One thing to consider is your door. Consider a French door rather than a sliding door, says Fargo architect Phil Stahl, because sand can get in the track of a sliding door and ruin the rollers if the track is not kept clean.

Choosing hard-surface flooring will make it easier to clean up sand and water that gets in the house. A mudroom located on the lake side of the home can make a huge difference. A shower in the mudroom – maybe with two heads, one overhead and one at foot level – will make it easier to wash off the sand before entering the main portion of the home, Stahl adds.

Architect Paul Ringdahl of Ringdahl Architects in Alexandria suggests that, if it isn’t possible to have a shower or bathroom on the lake side, make the path to the interior bathroom or even the kitchen short so there is less to clean.

Your budget for a new home or the style of your existing home can dictate whether you are able to have a bathroom or a mudroom at the back of the house. Stahl explains that on a tight budget there may be only one bathroom in a house, and then it might be best to locate it toward the back. If the home is larger, he says, he often sees a bathroom towards the front of the house as well as one in the back.

But many existing cabins started small and had a three- or four-season porch added on the lakeside, making it difficult to add a mudroom or bathroom to that area. “As an architect, I want to open the entire view, and so it is hard to add a mudroom to the back because it will obstruct the view,” Stahl says.

And if you can’t add that extra bathroom, there’s sometimes another option. Ringdahl has occasionally installed exterior showers so sand can be washed off prior to entering the home. “It makes sense when you have a lot of little kids,” he says.

by Dorinda Anderson

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