Ten Luxuries No Master Suite Should be Without

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By: Alexandra Floersch


Building or renovating a home can be overwhelming. You must consider every detail from the physical layout and architecture to appliances, décor and beyond. In the midst of choosing between carpet samples, paint colors and furniture, it’s easy to forget the big picture: the little luxuries that bring daily happiness.


When it comes to the master suite, some features must be planned well in advance. While wall art and bedding can easily be swapped out from year to year (or season to season) as trends change, larger decisionslike how many outlets you need and where to put them can cause more of a headache if you don’t do a good job of thinking ahead. When it’s all said and done, the last thing a person wants in their home is the slightest bit of regret.

By fully fleshing out plans and details, many last-minute changes or regretful missed opportunities can be avoided. But to do this, you must think about all of your wish list items in advance, before any building or renovation work begins. To get your wish list started, consider these master suite luxuries that will be sure to keep your master suite a sweet retreat for years to come.


1. A view (of the lake) In lakes country, the view from your master suite should be one of the first elements considered in the design process. Large windows that face the water and span across the room must be implemented early on in the planning stages. Not only will these windows provide adequate, natural light, they will solidify the reason for choosing to call the Midwest home. You’ll never regret having the perfect view of those vibrant sunrises and sunsets.


2. Private patio or balcony Aside from a great view, a master suite should also have direct access to the outdoors. Whether the suite sits well above ground level, overlooking the landscape with a balcony or is framed by French doors that open up to a path to the lake, an outdoor space ensures you can fully enjoy all seasons of lake life living.
When hosting visitors, this private oasis also ensures early morning routines, like enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck, or activities like stargazing on a quiet summer night, can still be enjoyed. Better yet, it’s all within steps of your master bedroom.

Modern master bedroom interior with dog lying on bed

3. Layered lighting Thinking about layered lighting doesn’t always come naturally. While recessed lights and chandeliers provide general illumination and room functionality, it’s important to consider multiple layers of light throughout the master suite. Sconces can frame the bed, lamps add a soft glow to the living area and dimmer switches set the mood, adding dimension to the master suite. Planning ahead will ensure proper electrical wiring is present to accommodate your lighting vision.Modern master bedroom interior with dog lying on bed


4. Indoor sitting, reading or TV watching area A true master suite accommodates activities aside from merely sleeping. When designing floor plans, leave room to create an inviting living room-esque space. Reserve an area of the suite that caters to your hobbies and interests, should it be reading a book, watching TV or simply relaxing. Complete with appropriate seating, end tables and ottomans, this space acts as a private, second living room for your home.

Luxurious open floor cabin interior bedroom design with roaring fireplace and winter scenic background. Photo realistic 3d model scene.

5. Fireplace Apart from its obvious purpose—to bring warmth and coziness to the home during chilly Midwest winters—fireplaces are also aesthetically pleasing, tying into interior design themes and serving as a focal point for the room. Depending on placement and style (double-sided and three-sided peninsulas are viewable from multiple angles), your fireplace can serve a purpose throughout the entire master suite.

Beautiful and modern home and hotel bedroom interior design.

6. An inviting bed Both aesthetic and comfort must be considered when it comes to your bed. Because of its large structure, the bed often naturally acts as a centerpiece. By framing it with a statement headboard that reflect style and personality (styles range from soft, upholstered fabrics to natural, rustic wooden palettes), your bed can be used as decoration as well.Bedding-wise, sheets made of high-quality, long staple fibers such as Egyptian cotton, pima and supima, organic cotton and bamboo with thread counts of 600 to 800 are best. Experts say thread counts over 800 make little difference in terms of quality. Consider changing out sheets for the seasons—flannel cotton sheets with a twill weave for winter and light, breathable single-ply organic cotton sheets for summer.

Walk in wardrobe in Australian mansion with clothes and accessories

7. Customized (his and hers) closets Storage and closet organization should not be ignored in a master suite. With a little help from an expert, you can create custom-fitted shelving, racks and drawers for the ultimate master closet. Be sure to design adequate space to store shoes, clothes, ties, belts, purses, jewelry and more. In the end, proper organization will help you get the most out of your closet space, as well as contributing a calming influence on the start or end of your day.


8. Soaking tub The ultimate master bathroom includes not only a shower but a soaking tub—the ultimate retreat for much-needed pampering. Soaking tubs come in several varieties, including the traditional clawfoot, freestanding tubs, drop-ins, undermount tubs and more. Some even include support for your back, neck and head by incorporating lounge chair seating. Choosing a tub that fits both your design style and practical needs is critical and could make all the difference in your bathing experience.


9. Spa shower After a long day, a soothing shower can be the ticket to a stress-free evening. Forget the standard tub-shower combination, and instead consider installing a spa shower with a seating area for relaxation. Choosing one (or multiple) large, shower heads with several pressure
options will give you versatility to fit your mood—a rain head for a relaxing shower, massage head for hard-to-reach tension and a detachable head for mobility. Steam features optional, but highly recommended.


10. Supplemental heat options Waking up is difficult enough. Luckily, tech-savvy amenities exist in 2016. With in-floor radiant heat, you can forget about the nightmare of setting foot onto a frigid floor the minute you step out of bed. Heated towel racks, otherwise known as towel radiators or drying rails, also fight off the chill in the air. The heated racks dry towels faster while simultaneously warming them for when you finish your shower.With these design ideas in mind, renovating or constructing your master suite should be effortless. Twenty-first century amenities and endless architectural possibilities make your dream build just one design plan away. But, in the end, don’t forget what’s most important: designing a space that brings you peace, joy and a beautiful view of lakes country.

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