Designer Portfolio: Skye Fingalson of I’ll Tile & Stone

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"Interiors take on personalities that reflect those who occupy them."

“Interiors take on personalities that reflect those who occupy them.”

Q: What inspires your designs?

A: I pull inspiration from certain unique pieces. I see a unique tile, and then I visualize what would look great with that tile and pull the entire scheme together from there. I also get a lot of inspiration from my clients when they come in with their ideas. We just add on to their vision and make it become a reality. I enjoy watching a lot of HGTV and I always pay close attention to design anywhere I go. I’m constantly checking out homes, bathrooms, public restrooms, floors, etc. Inspiration is everywhere.


This is the perfect solution for those clients who do not wish to carpet their steps. The tile and wood combination keep the steps from being slippery, while remaining stylish.

This is the perfect solution for those clients who do not wish to carpet their steps. The tile and wood combination keep the steps from being slippery, while remaining stylish.

Q: How long have you been in the industry?

A: 9 years and counting. I started in this career at the age of 19.


Q: We understand your true passion is tile design, tell us a bit about that.

A: Yes, it is! When I first started in the industry, I knew nothing about anything or any particular product. While working with clients and learning my way around, I found that tile was where I could be the most creative and it was what I had the most fun working with. I started designing kitchen backsplashes and bathrooms and was able to pull all sorts of different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures together and make them work. I became extremely knowledgeable about tile and it didn’t feel like work because I enjoy it so much. Now it’s second nature to me. There are so many parts and piece and I enjoy sharing that knowledge with my clients. Anything is possible with tile and I love its versatility. If you want a beautiful tiled shower or bathroom, I’m your girl. My passion is tile!



This entire shower is done in Rainforest Green marble tiles in various sizes.

Q: How did you get started in the design business?

A: I finished my two year college degree and wanted to go to school for two more years to study Interior Design. I ended up doing my internship at a local flooring store and had the best of everything. I think a person either has it or you don’t. You can either put together a room, or you can’t. I walked in and asked if they had any openings and they took me on right away. I got lucky. From there I learned so much and became extremely passionate about the work and my job. I am very thank to that company. i get up in the morning and I cannot wait to get to work.


Q: Tell us about the company you are currently with.

A: I am now with I’ll Tile and Stone out of Detroit Lakes, MN. We provide all types of flooring, countertops, window treatments, installation, and design services. My husband Troy, and his partner Ben, are the owners. We’ve got a fabulous crew of employees. I’ll Tile and Stone does both residential and commercial work. I specialize in the residential side of things.


Q: Any stand-out or favorite projects?

A: Yes, I have so many favorite and unique projects but my very favorite is a privately owned saloon that I am currently working on with a client. He built this saloon on his property for his guests and for entertaining. We are having a blast working on that. I am decorating it, picking out light fixtures, furniture, rugs, etc. He wants everything to have an old fashioned saloon feeling. He’s got the old swinging bar doors, the push button light switches, the belted fans, a boardwalk, and so on.


The basement bar area in this home is all about texture. The stone complements the floor tile and countertop providing a sharp-looking contrast to the cabinets.

Unique projects like these always stand out. The possibilities are endless. I love working this closely with a client where I get involved with the decor and selecting furniture.


Q: Describe your process with a client.

A: We talk about what they will be doing in the space, how they’ll be using it, what colors they like, and their lifestyle in general. This gives me ideas on how to direct them toward products that will be the best fit for their home. I visit their home to get a feel for the space myself, and take measurements. From there, we select products and put together the whole design. It is so rewarding to see a project from beginning to end and know that you helped someone create a space they will love and enjoy for years. I feel proud when my clients can’t wait to show their family and friends what we’ve done for them and even more proud to have my name on the design.


Q: What is your favorite design style and why?

Sometimes less is best and this backsplash keeps it simple while still making a statement.

Sometimes less is best and this backsplash keeps it simple while still making a statement.

A: I was once told that this industry makes you lean more on the modern side of design style. I didn’t believe it then, but it is definitely what has happened. I do prefer a modern design with a sleeker, clean-lined look. not too modern though, because then I feel as thought the warmth has been completely lost, and I like that warmth too. My own home is a mixture of modern and transitional.


Q: Any lakes that are favorite destinations?

A: My husband, Troy, and I live on Big Detroit Lake with our little Schnauzer, Salsa. We have lived there for a little over a year and we love lake life! It’s so nice to be able to go home and feel like you are on vacation without leaving your back yard. Our main destination is to get on the water…after the lawn is mowed of course.



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