Q: How can I bring vintage character into my new home?

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A: Vintage and industrial is a very hot trend. One good thing is the items found in industrial actually work nicely in a vintage setting. Items that you would see in a warehouse or factory like metal shelves on wheels, metal wire chairs, and wooden trunks can quickly transform a room.


Think salvage and old. Accessories like wicker baskets, old books and vintage textiles are easy finds. Search out old posters or signs or check out your favorite décor stores for vintage looking art. You can find vintage looking fabrics or blankets and upholster smaller pieces like an ottoman or pull up chair or use that fabric for drapery. Take existing wood furniture and age it with crackle paint, chalk paint or paint and then sand through the finish for an age-worn look. Think quirky in the furniture and don’t worry about matching.


Furniture is the easiest way to start the transition but working vintage into the architecture becomes a bit trickier. The first place I would start would be the lighting. Wherever you can replace wall scones and pendants switch them out to cage or metal type lights. One technique I have been using lately is replacing swinging doors with barn doors. Even if you have a cased opening with no door, adding a barn door creates big impact. Replace some key doors with salvaged doors and don’t forget the front screen door.


Photo Source: Pinterest

If your budget can handle bigger changes, add painted wood installed either horizontally or vertically to your walls. Wood floors and mismatched rugs are always successful in achieving a vintage style. In the kitchen and bathroom you can refinish or paint cabinets and replace the hardware with a vintage version. Replace upper cabinets with shelves made of thick slabs of wood and industrial brackets.


Vintage can also have a mid-century twist. This direction still has a white or neutral background but the accessories and furniture are colorful and the colors more pure.


Lastly display your collections proudly. No matter which direction you take the design vintage can have a kitschy side, so make sure you have fun with it!


by Betty Ravnik
Ravnik Interior Design / Ravnik & Co.


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