Q: We’re moving into our dream home in August. Do you have any tips for moving during the hottest (and muggiest) days of the year?

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summer movingA: First off, be thankful that you’re not moving on a subzero January day!

“All kidding aside,” says Jon Drews of Keller Williams, “physical exertion in hot, muggy weather can pose health risks – the primary being dehydration and heat exhaustion.”

I suggest at least eight 8-oz. glasses of water per day, and probably more, since you will be exerting yourself. Drink before you’re thirsty to ward off dehydration. “Save that cold beer until after the work is done,” he adds, because alcohol can increase dehydration.

Choose the cooler time of the day, usually early morning and late afternoon, he says, and dress in light, loose-fitting clothes and a hat. “Also, I find wearing a damp bandana around my neck helps to cool me down,” notes Drews.

It’s important to take frequent breaks to stave off fatigue. And be mindful of the temperature inside and out. “Maintain adequate ventilation in enclosed storage trailers as interior trailer temps can easily rise above 100 degrees!” Drews says.

by Emily King

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