Q: I like to stay current with trends in fashion and home décor and am intrigued by this year’s “color of the year” Marsala. How can I incorporate it into my home without taking on a full scale redesign?

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marsala (1)A: The 2015 color of the year might not jump off the page at folks, but people will generally need to see how it works with other colors before they can decide if it will be a great color to introduce in their homes. Like some of it’s predecessors, it might take a bit of time to decide if Marsala is friend of foe in your décor. Pantone’s Spring 2015 En Plein Air collection takes Marsala to a much different level. Mixing the color with cool blues and greens helps anchor the palette and pulls out the cool tone in the color. Also, pairing this hot new color with the ever popular grey tones can maintains a clean minimalistic look while creating a calming softness to the palette.


Marsala is a common color in make-up but an unusual color for interiors. Last year’s color of the year, Radiant Orchid, was hard to do in interiors but this one should be easy to incorporate. Actually, Alexandria Technical and Community College’s corridor walls are done in this color. It has been their standard for about ten years and since the school has grey floors and black doors, the feel is timeless.


mARSALA fINIAL (1)The color is a calming anchor to a room. Marsala, being an earthy color, is a totally different approach than other Pantone colors like Tangerine Tango from a couple of years ago. It doesn’t grab your attention but rather acts in a supporting role. Use Marsala as an accent in small furniture, accessories or even full wall color. I would refrain from using it on sofas and other large furniture. It won’t work as easily with some wood tones like red oak but should be successful with very dark and very light woods.



There is a lot of buzz about this color and not always positive. I think most people wanted the selection of vibrant colors of the past to continue, but I disagree. I think the Marsala works beautifully with tan, gray and blue and green.


Marsala is everywhere in products for the home. Rugs, pillows, and lamps are a reasonably priced and fast way to update an interior. If you have a grey and white interior, so popular today, it will be an easy addition. Marsala is an easy, risk free choice that will add color without drama.


Betty Ravnik
Ravnik & Company

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