Q: How does the maintenance of a timber frame home differ from that of a conventionally-framed home?

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6841359267_ecc4f60d0a_oA: The timber frame structure itself does not create any significant maintenance for the homeowner. However, because most timber frame home owners tend to prefer a more natural aesthetic, it is more common than in conventionally framed homes, to use natural exterior siding materials such as cedar. Cedar and other natural siding products do require more effort to maintain their beauty over time. Proper care of these elements ensure that timber frame last for generations.

Exposed timbers contained in the interior of a home are typically prefinished in our shop and, much like cabinetry or furniture, the timbers should not require any additional maintenance (other than regular dusting) after the completion of the home.

Exterior elements of a timber frame, if chosen, will require some maintenance every few years depending on the amount of exposure the materials have to the natural elements. The maintenance required is similar to that of any wood product exposed to nature and the time and expense involved can be kept in check with regular upkeep.


– Ben Miller, Blue Ox Timber Frames

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