Q: How can I bring a pop of color into our relatively neutral lake home? We’ve got a lot of wood, darker or neutral finishes and fabrics, but I’d like to brighten things up a bit with color, any suggestions?

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A: “Having a neutral base is not a bad thing,” says Betty Ravnik of Ravnik & Co. “A neutral base allows you to change with the seasons and the holidays. Sofas are expensive but pillows, rugs, accessories are not. Various holidays are very color driven and it is nice not to have permanent or hard to move items when decorating.”

With that, here are some easy designer tips. “Pillows are a wonderful way to add interest and color. You can place them in chairs, sofas and on beds. You can move them from room to room easily and they are small enough to store for next season. Rugs are one of my favorite ways to change a room. You can add a rug over any floor and in any room. When summer is in full swing add light colored cotton or outdoor rugs for a cheerful effect and then when winter sets in roll them up and place more saturated, richly colored rugs to give your room a cozy feel. Accessories and throws are also quick (and less expensive) ways to add color to any space. Artwork is a fabulous way to add punch to a space. Because it is at eye level it instantly can create pizzazz. Artwork comes in various sizes and you should be able to find one to fit any wall size. If you’ve got a lot of space to cover, consider a grouping of multiple pieces for greater effect.

Although more expensive and permanent, I absolutely adore draperies. I recently had a home on a parade of homes tour that boasted colorful living room/dining room draperies. I was amazed at how people were drawn to them. They add texture, interest, and personality to a room.

If you’re not comfortable with adding a lot of color or pattern, consider adding texture. Texture takes a neutral interior from bland to complex and interesting.”

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