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by Heidi Kratke | Photos Courtesy of Outdoor Renovations


When the frigid winter weather is over for the season, it is time to once again start thinking about backyard barbecues and sprucing up the exterior of your home.


Perhaps this is the year to consider investing in a walkway, patio or driveway composed of decorative pavers. The aesthetic value pavers bring to a property, coupled with their longevity and durability, make them a popular choice.


“The most common type of pavers I’ve seen used over the last 10 years are regular cobblestones,” says Matt Hoen, co-owner of Outdoor Renovations in Underwood. “In the last couple of years, I’ve also noticed a growing interest in the tumbled cobblestones.”


As Hoen explains it, tumbled cobblestones were once regular cobblestones that are placed in a machine and rolled around. This process works to break down the edges of the pavers and leaves them with a more rustic look.


Pavers in natural gray and brown shades are used most frequently.


There are several patters homeowners can choose from to achieve a variety of look. Cobblestones are typically set in a random pattern with three to five different sizes of pavers mixed together. A running pattern is another popular choice when installing a cobblestone sidewalk. Rectangluar Holland Stone pavers are often laid in a herringbone pattern.


The pavers can be installed any time of the year that the ground is not frozen, and all require a correctly laid crushed gravel base with the proper amount of sand applied on top of the base.


Once the pavers are correctly installed, they are extremely easy to maintain. “You can put different sealers on them that will give them more of a wet look if that’s what you prefer,” Hoen advises. “Otherwise, just keep them clean and keep salt off of the pavers. Just like salt and concrete, salt and pavers don’t go well together.”


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