Norway Lake

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Norway-Lake-Map (2)Size: 2,344 Acres
Max Depth: 33 ft.

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Norway is a multi basin productive lake located in Kandiyohi County. There are 328 lake homes/cabins, 53 residential vehicles and 2 resorts that exist along the lakeshore. Norway receives moderate recreational and angling use in the summer from local residents, visitors to the resort, and lakeshore homeowners. The immediate watershed is mostly agricultural row crops with lesser amounts of residential developement, wetlands and hardwood stands. There are 8 inlets that flow into the various Norway basins and an outlet channel that flows into Games Lake. Two large inlets carry significant agricultural runoff which includes County Ditches 27 & 29.  Nutrient levels are variable generally from high to moderate in the lake. Total phosphorus levels (0.026 ppm) were relatively low in June of 2010. Water levels were normal during the 2010 summer. Blue-green algae blooms are common and intense during late summer especially in the West Norway basin. Emergent vegetation consisted of scattered stands of cattails and hardstem bulrush in all three basins. Submergent vegetation density was light to moderate consisting mostly of sago pondweed, bushy pondweed, wild celery, mushgrass, northern milfoil, Eurasian milfoil, coontail, clasping-leaf pondweed and water moss within the littoral areas of the lake. Eurasian milfoil was found scattered throughout the West Norway basin in August of 2001 and in the Big Norway basin during 2005. Eurasian milfoil is present at low to moderate densities in the West Norway and Big Norway basins. Shoalwater substrates consist mostly of sand, silt, gravel, rubble, and boulder in Norway. Norway is managed primarily for walleye, northern pike, largemouth bass, bluegill, and black crappie.
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

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