Lake Mille Lacs

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Mille LacsNearest Town: Garrison
Primary County: Mille Lacs
Size: 128223.89 acres
Max Depth: 42’
Water Clarity: 10’

boating_on_mille_lacs_lakeThe discovery of spiny water flea adds one more layer of complexity to the bottom of the Mille Lacs food web. Spiny water fleas eat zooplankton, which is also eaten by young perch, walleye, and other species of fish. At the same time, zebra mussels will be consuming vast quantities of phytoplankton which supports the zooplankton. Hopefully the combination of new stressors to the zooplankton community will not result in changes to the fish communities. The addition of spiny water flea to the Mille Lacs community in the face of stricter regulations regarding the transportation of introduced species stresses the role that anglers and other boaters play in the control of introduced species. No matter how many laws and rules are put in place to slow the spread of new species, non-compliance by just a few people can result in new introductions that are potentially threatening to aquatic systems. The popularity of Mille Lacs Lake for fisherman not only makes the lake a likely place to receive new introductions, but also makes the lake a likely source of non-native species for introduction into other lakes all across Minnesota.

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