Hot Rocks, Cool Edges

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by Jackie Jenson


Want to make a fashion-forward statement in your kitchen, bath or rec room? Look no further than granite. Offering timeless texture, durability and style, granite is a natural material with endless design possibilities.


Granite has been a top countertop martial choice for a number of years due to its vibrant colors, durability and overall appearance, explains Jason Nelson from Agassiz Granite Tops in Fergus Falls.


Rockpitch Edge | Photo Source: Keystone Granite

Rockpitch Edge | Photo Source: Keystone Granite

“It is a product that really catches your eye,” Nelson says. “When choosing a countertop material, I always tell my customers to go with what grabs you.”


With dynamic earthly colors ranging from muted reds to glossy black, granite recently added a variety of new edging options, affording homeowners yet another way to express themselves through stone.


Featuring intricate cuts resembling tiered waterfalls and rough-cut rock, the latest granite countertop edges are truly on the cutting edge of today’s interior design trends, enhancing a room’s contemporary, traditional or rustic ambiance.


“People who choose granite want to make a statement. Edging gives them one more way to do that,” says Missy Jendro of Granite Tops and Stone Countertops Outlet in Cold Springs.


Nelson says there has been “a revolution of tooling ingenuity of late,” which gives customers more edging options to complete their one-of-a-kind granite vision. Behind this edging evolution is the introduction of CNC – computer numerically controlled machining tools – to the granite fabrication process. Simply stated – the new diamond-based CNC machines can cut, shape and polish granite faster and more accurately.


Waterfall Edge | Photo Source: Granite Design USA

Waterfall Edge | Photo Source: Granite Design USA

Previously, edging granite was much like edging wood, Jendro says. It was time consuming and usually done with a hand router so it was “more hands-on and not nearly as accurate.”


Today’s CNC tools also use different heads to produce distinctive design looks. Elaborate effects that used to require a lot of hand fabrication, he says, can now be changed achieved with just an automatic tooling change.


Standard granite edges such as 3/16 round, eased and bull nose are readily available everywhere and can transform a piece of granite into a sleek countertop with a chip resistant edge. Other edges such as ogee, dupont and waterfall take a CNC machine to accomplish.


Although they can more quickly and accurately create these sought-after new edges, machines are expensive, and some of the intricate edges they produce require more detailing time, which adds to the overall price.


Ogee Over Half Bullnose | Photo Source: Granite Tops

Ogee Over Half Bullnose | Photo Source: Granite Tops

But for homeowners looking for something new or wanting to extend a room’s design possibilities, these new edging elements can add an elegant touch or rustic feel in their finished lines.


“A rockpitch edge, for example, is an edge that looks like a broken rock face. It may snag your favorite sweater or feel rough against your skin,” Jendro explains.


If adding elegance is more your design goal, the new waterfall edge may be more your style. Resembling a smooth staircase of sorts, it has clean lines for a more traditional look.


In the end, though, Jendro and Nelson suggest customers choose an edge that fits the style of their project and factor in the additional expense – just as they would with any other project material upgrade.


Jackie Jenson is a writer in Detroit Lakes. 


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