Heating Things Up

Filed in Construction by on January 20, 2014

LH_400x300_InThisIssueFireplace Options to Warm & Enhance Your Home 

Stay warm this winter by installing a new gas or wood fireplace in your home. This season’s fireplaces are as varied as the people enjoying them. Add a more efficient wood-burning insert to an existing fireplace. Hang a beautiful, thin gas fireplace on your living room wall. Change up your home’s heating by choosing a fireplace furnace. Shake up a bedroom or living room remodel by featuring a three-sided gas fireplace peninsula. Or, extend your outdoor entertaining by an extra month or two by adding a beautiful patio fireplace.

Be sure to visit your local fireplace store or research online to get a feel for what might work best in your home. You’ll need to decide between wood-burning or gas fireplaces. If you crave the smell and sounds of wood-burning, are you willing to put up with the hassle of hauling and storing wood, as well as clean up duties? If you love the ease of a flip-the-switch gas fireplace, are you interested in a traditional setting or something modern and striking?

For more photos of fireplace place designs and styles, click here for the December/January issue of Lake and Home Magazine.

By Amanda Peterson
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