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by Jackie Jenson


These tools are our top picks for making you the king (or queen) of the grill while you entertain guests this summer.


oxo-tongs[1]Oxo Grilling Tongs

The most important tool for any true grill master is a good set of tongs. Too short and you’ll sizzle the hair on your arms. Too long and it feels like you are wielding a medieval sword. The OXO 2596 Tongs are the goldilocks of grilling implements…just right. Sturdy, beautiful, with easy-to-use spring-loaded locking mechanism and strong scalloped edge for grip, they are 18- inches of meat turning grilling power at your disposal. Hands down a best-selling pair of tongs, this grill staple can be found at most big box retailers for around $15. Purchase online at or too.


Steven Raichlen Stainless Steel Wide Spatula with Bottle Opener

Known as the undisputed “King of the Grill”, Steven Raichlen knows his grill tools. His Stainless Steel Wide Spatula with Bottle Opener is a top pick to get your 2015 summer grill season going! Complete with a great long handle and beveled front edge, it also has a handy bottle opener, making it the perfect two-in-one grill tool. Elegant as well as rugged, this spatula can easily flip a two pound T-bone and then crack open a beer to celebrate. Found at a number of area gifts shops selling gourmet foods, the Stainless Steel Wide Spatula with Bottle Opener can also be purchased online at for under $20.


iGrill Mini

Ever have to vacate the grill to refill a BBQ sauce or take a phone call, all the while wondering if your meat is charring at the right temperature? If you have ever needed to monitor a grilling temperature from afar, the iGrill Mini might be the techy grill tool for you. This small Bluetooth-compatible thermometer can read a temp from 150-feet away and works with iPhone 4S and up as well as an iPad. It also comes with dozens of preset temperatures. This powerful little high tech temperature gauge can be purchased online at or for around $40.


Himalayan Salt Block

Huh…Salt on the grill? Absolutely! Comprised of natural salt deposits harvested in the Himalayas, these beautifully marbled pink salt slabs will give all your meats a subtle, new flavor profile. Rising to 650-degrees, these pink-hued blocks of salt sear and season in one step and work on everything from thick steaks to delicate bay scallops. They can even be chilled to serve fruits, veggies and cheeses with hint of salt. Coming in a variety of sizes, start with one 8” X 12” which will cost about $40 and can be purchased from


Weber RapidFire Chimney Starter

If you’re a purist ─ a charcoal griller ─ how about adding a new starter to your barbecue bag of tricks? A Weber RapidFire Chimney Starter makes getting those coals started easier than with a match and lighter fluid. This shiny little contraption can get your coals going in 15-minutes or less and is simple to use. Just put coals in the top, newspaper in the bottom, and go. The upward motion of the air does all the work, lighting coals quickly, easily and cheaply, around $15 at most big box retailers such as Home Depot or at


GrillPro® Grilling Baskets

Want to expand your offerings on the grill? Try adding a GrillPro basket to your grill top. These new, non-stick baskets allow grill masters to grill traditionally tricky items such as fish, stuffed burgers or quesadillas. GrillPro makes a variety of baskets suiting any task. Some of our favorites are the quesadilla and triple fish baskets. With a non-stick surface and removable soft grip handles, you can now make your favorite chicken quesadillas and seasoned Sunfish recipes on the grill or even in an outside fireplace! The Quesadilla Basket 98175 and Triple Fish Basket 24015 each cost about $13 at and are top picks in their grill section.


Tool Wizard Grill Brush

As we know all too well, great grilling equals even greater clean up. So make this the year you invest in a top-of-the-line grill brush. With a replaceable stainless steel scouring pad, the Tool Wizard Grill Brush is just such a brush. It easily cleans your racks and grates better and faster than most standard wire bristles. As a bonus, it’s also safe for all types of grill grates including ceramic and porcelain. $11 from


Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends Super Silicone Angled Barbecue Brush

Barbeque on the grills means precision basting. A great basting brush includes two important things: proper length and angle. Coming in at 15-inches and possessing just the right angle, Elizabeth Karmel’s Grill Friends Super Silicone Angled Barbeque Brush is considered to be one of the best grill brushes on the market. Its slippery silicone also works great for slathering thick sauces on your charred meat of choice. Pick one of these little gems of the BBQ up for around $10 at


Grilling Planks

How about adding wood atop your grill? Wooden grilling planks add subtle smoky flavor as well as sturdy surface for cooking delicate foods such as salmon, vegetables or even a round of brie. Available in a variety of woods such as cedar, alder and oak, wooden planks provide tons of tastiness and give grillers lots of different flavor notes to explore. Try one for $7 at or get a set of three at for $15.





Kenmore Elite 33577

Weber has been the king of grills, charcoal and gas, for years. If you are looking, however, for a new mid-sized gas grill this year, the Kenmore Elite 33577 is a great alternative. With an attractive enamel cabinet, sturdy stainless steel components and lots of great reviews, this gas grill is making waves in the industry. With one of the largest grill decks for its size, it also comes complete with four main burners, stainless steel grates, an electronic igniter, side burner, tank gauge, lights for cooking after dusk, and an LED-lit control panel. Whew, this baby almost does the grilling for you! At around $950, you can pick one up today at your local Sears store or from

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