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Now that outdoor grilling season is at its peak, you may want to consider some of the hottest new grilling products and gadgets on the market. With all the interesting and convenient cooking and grilling items available, there is little doubt that you might fancy adding a few of these exceptional picks to your collection.

Whether you’re cooking indoors or grilling outside, using the oven or a smoker, prefer charcoal, wood, or gas, today’s amateurs and winning grill masters are looking for practical, functional products that turn out tasty entrees every time. No loner is grilling just for steaks, burgers, hot dogs and bratwurst. Perfect-crusted pizza, seared scallops and trout, grilled zucchini and shrimp kabobs, savory tender-smoked turkey, tantalizing fruits, yummy appetizers and even scrumptious desserts – almost any food is fair game for grilling.

Desired features like professional high-temperature cooking capability and the newest grilling technologies enable you to prepare your favorite foods to perfection. In addition, products that easily attach right to your grill, or those that are designed to house food while it cooks, are also popular and time-saving when entertaining more guests. They allow you to cook multiple items evenly while providing you with removable handles, non-slip gripping, and safe, trouble-free transport to your kitchen or table.

So, let’s start cooking. Get outdoors and get your grilling on! With all the hottest grilling products and gadgets, you’re sure to grill up a sensational dish – or maybe two.


Big Green Egg

Weighing in at a sturdy 140 lbs., the Big Green Egg Luxury Smoker and Grill does everything from baking pizzas to smoking your favorite meats. Photo courtesy of Cullen’s Home Center.




O Portable Gas Grill

Ready in just ten seconds, the O-Grill Portable LP Gas Grill in a clam shell-shaped dynamo with 225 square inches of grill space. Folds easily with retractable legs and comes with a handy carrying case. Photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma.


Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven

Bake a tasty pizza in just five minutes in the Pizzeria Pronto Bake a tasty pizza in just five minutes in the Pizzeria Pronto Outdoor Pizza Oven. Cooks with super-high temperatures similar to a wood-fired pizza oven. Great for camping and tailgate parties. Photo courtesy Williams-Sonoma.


Hot Dog Grill Roller

With its removable handles and nonslip grips for safe transport. CHEF’S Hot Dog Grill Roller evenly cooks hot dogs, brats or sausages for the whole gang. Photo courtesy CHEF’S.


Ceramic Grilling Stone

Grill your favorite seafood, meats and vegetables to tender perfection with Emile Henry’s BBQ Ceramic Kabob Grilling Stone With Skewers. The professional-glazed ceramic technology is capable of cooking up to 930 degrees. Works on the grill, in the oven or under the broiler. Photo courtesy CHEF’S.


Himalayan Salt Plate

For over or grill, the Himalayan Salt Plate sears steaks and seafood perfectly on a two-inch block of “cookware” -grade Himalayan Salt. Photo courtesy At The Meadow.


S’more Griller

Impress all your guests with the Love to Grill S’more. Cooks six individual scrumptious desserts in just five minutes. Photo courtesy Lillian Vernon. 

by Wanda Perkins 


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