Designer Portfolio: Refreshing Designs

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Refreshing Design-2Bailee Schissel, Leann Feldt, and Shayla Hunstad form a trifecta of talented designers at the newly remodeled Refreshing Designs on Main Street in Perham, Minn. The business, founded 10 years ago, has moved from two other smaller downtown storefronts and has tripled their space to 5,500 square feet of design, showroom and retail space. Aaron Karvonen owns the business as well as Karvonen’s, their sister store, and they have 20 staff members.


The business has attracted a variety of clients, ranging from young families to retirees and everyone in between. The company promises a “team” approach to home design, each contributing to the best design solution. Bailee Schissel attended NDSU for Interior Design and Business, Leann Feldt also attended NDSU for Interior Design, and Shayla Hunstad attended Alexandria Technical and Community College for Interior Design.


Refreshing Design-15“Where did you discover your passion for Design?”


Bailee: My parents are both very creative people and as a young girl I remember drawing floor plans and rearranging spaces. It is so enjoyable to help our clients achieve beauty and function in their spaces. I enjoy design work itself as well as the business of designing. The talents I contribute to the team are the logistics, organization, and a willingness to push design boundaries.


Leann: I learned early from my dad, that making and creating is what I wanted to do. I’d see something in a magazine and try to make it. It is enjoyable to see people so excited about the results. We take pride in our work. Understanding color and how it is made, is a skill I use in every project.


Shayla: Interior design is something I have always known I wanted to do. From a young age, I can recall watching popular design shows. I truly enjoy everything about the design industry from computer drawings, to selecting product, and the final decorating stages.


Refreshing Design-74“What is your ‘Design Process?’”


Bailee: Because of our different styles and gifts, we bring our entire team to meet clients. It’s a “We over I” experience. We put our heads and personalities together because we are all problem solvers, no matter what challenge is presented. Great design is about understanding individual customer needs, and a style that serves both aesthetics and function.


Leann: We bring clients together with our team to our interactive design studio, where they can see product and material samples and ideas. We have a conversation and note specific details about their lifestyles. Many bring in inspirations from magazines and Pinterest. We then analyze those ideas and create a presentation to intertwine our client’s ideas while making practical suggestions.


Refreshing Design-19“How does Refreshing Designs Incorporate Trends?”


Bailee: On our retail side, when we travel to buyer’s markets from the East Coast to the West Coast, we hand pick each item. We consider its quality and try to bring in new trends that won’t be just a fad. We aim for unique and quality products which will last and at reasonable prices.


Leann: We see it all but especially in kitchen and bathroom remodels. The kitchen is the heart of the home, and people are willing to invest in the kitchen because it’s where the most time is spent. A small update, such as changing the kitchen island to a different shape, can make a big difference and is incredibly rewarding to see a client’s reaction with the end result.


Shayla: The design industry always has new trends coming and going. At RD, we appreciate the timeless looks while incorporating new and unique trends such as, mixed metals, florals, marble, and all shades of blues.


Refreshing Design-170“What is your design philosophy?”


Bailee: Our mission is to “Bring happiness through change.” A change can be overwhelming for many. We guide our clients through the process efficiently and ensure a timely and professional process.


Leann: RD also believes in the importance of supporting the local community and doing business in town by using local contractors and suppliers. I am happy to “do what I love and love what I do.”


Shayla: I am proud that RD is all about both form and function. We love creating spaces that are aesthetically beautiful but also make sense for the client and their lifestyle. ~L&H