Autumn Planting Bring Spring Rewards

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fall-garden-650x450It’s not too late to plant for beautiful blooms next spring

When the Midwest turns red and gold, it’s time to get our a garden spade. autumn is the ideal time for planting trees, shrubs, and bulbs.

Early-Autumn: Trees and Shrubs

Plant trees and shrubs in early autumn to give these plants a chance to get established before a hard freeze. Nurseries often have trees and shrubs on sale at the end of the gardening season, so you can get them at a good price. Because they’ve been in pots all summer, though, they made need a little TLC when planting.

The first step in planting trees and shrubs is to select the right place. Site selection is important for any plant, but it is particularly critical for trees and large shrubs. An American arborvitae by the front door, which can grow 40-foot tall, or a snowball viburnum that matures to a 14-foot spread in a 4-foot bed won’t work. Plants look cute in 1-gallon pots, make sure you know how big they can get.

another consideration in selecting the right place is a tree’s or shrub’s needs. Plants vary in light, soil, and moisture requirements as well as in cold hardiness. Pick the spot you want to plant a tree or shrub, take note of your climate zone, sun and shade patterns, soil type (e.g., clay, sandy, loam) and whether the site tends to be wet or dry, and then choose a plant that fits those characteristics. A nursery will have someone who can help you choose the right plant for the location you’d like a tree or shrub. Plant labels are a wonderful sources of information as well, listing size at maturity as well as plant requirements.


by Reba Gilliand

For more tips on fall planting, click here for the October/November 2013 issue of Lake and Home Magazine.





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