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Aubrey Costello Sales Designer at Showplace Kitchens in Fargo shares with us some of her favorite designs where she derive her inspiration from and a few designer tip that bring extra style to her projects.


A large dose of modern flair, using color blocking, universal design features, lots of LED lighting and clever storage options. Universal designs features allow anyone with or without physical limitations to work in a space with ease.

A large dose of modern flair, using color blocking, universal design features, lots of LED lighting and clever storage options. Universal designs features allow anyone with or without physical limitations to work in a space with ease.

Tell us a bit about your passion for kitchen design. We understand that’s your “thing”.


Yes, essentially anything with cabinetry design. I tell everyone that I don’t really work, I play all day long. Every space/kitchen is different and presents a new challenge. I view designing kitchens as putting together a puzzle. I begin with the required pieces, add in the wish list pieces, and then try to fit them all together. They not only have to fit, but be functional and aesthetically pleasing. I love the challenge. Every day and every job is different. There is nothing better than the point in a particular design when everything comes together and it becomes evident that this is the perfect kitchen design for the client.


Do you have a design signature or statement?


My coworkers have dubbed my designs as an ‘Aubrey Kitchen’. An ‘Aubrey Kitchen’ is the combination of little details that takes an ordinary/typical kitchen and turns it into a WOW statement kitchen. I take some of my favorite design elements and incorporate them into every kitchen that I design. Things that are typically considered upgrades have become my standard because the majority of my customers appreciate the details that I add. These are typically things that once seen, clients cannot live without.


Details like under cabinet panels and moldings, decorative ends on the end of base cabinets or islands. These ideas come from years in the field, seeing what works and what doesn’t. I take pride in my designs because everyone deserves to have a fabulous space.


What inspires your designs?


My inspiration comes from a lot of different sources. It doesn’t matter what I am doing, I am always checking out cabinetry in different spaces. My go to places when I am stuck on a design are Pinterest and Houzz. Within these online resources I have created inspiration boards of different spaces. It‘s funny how one little detail that I hadn’t noticed before in a photo will create a spark that I can carry through to a new design. It can be as simple as a molding detail or how the cabinetry is arranged . I love when customers share with me the inspiration boards that they have created. It really helps me to get a sense of what they like and don’t like. That helps me create the kitchen space of their dreams.


An updated farmstead kitchen incorporates mission style.

An updated farmstead kitchen incorporates mission style.

Do you have a favorite design element or “trick of the trade” to share with our readers?


I love the little design details in a kitchen that take an ordinary space and turn it into a magazine worthy photo. It is amazing how a few little design tweaks can do this. Things that would not typically be noticed or paid attention to before, but once pointed out, the difference is obvious.


It is as simple as bumping out a tall cabinet a couple of inches so that the countertop dies into the cabinet instead of sticking out past the cabinet…or how the sides of a cabinet at the end of the run are finished. Just by eliminating the toe kick notch to hide the raw edge of the toe kick board and create a place to wrap decorative base molding which not only looks great, but also protects the base of the cabinet from damage. These elements only cost a little more to implement, but they transform the final kitchen into something special.


Is there a kitchen “trend” you’re favoring now?


I am not sure if I would consider this a trend, but I love all the new kitchen organizational cabinets that are coming into the market. The largest changes in the cabinetry industry are all the goodies for inside the cabinets to maximize storage and usable space. Some of my favorites that I try and implement into the kitchens I designs are the garbage/recycling pull-out cabinet, two-tiered cutlery divider drawer, and lots of drawer space for every- thing from pots and pans to dishes.



A detailed view of how this countertop dies into the deeper adjacent cabinet.

Describe your personal design style.


My personal style is consistently changing and evolving. My home is an eclectic array of modern, traditional, minimalistic and ornate style choices. I enjoy regular changes in my own interior spaces. I switch out my decor based on the changing seasons to give my home a fresh look. I keep the main elements at home neutral so I can inject color through accessories, which keeps me from being tied to one specific color scheme. My favorite colors seem to change every season. My sewing hobby allows me to incorporate fun patterns and colors into my home to go with the season or whenever I feel like a quick change.


You grew up around the lakes area, how do you spend time on the lake?


A couple of years ago, my parents purchased a cabin on Buffalo Lake north of Detroit Lakes, Minn. Having grown up on different lakes in the Detroit Lakes area, it’s fun to share that experience with my husband and son. It’s a calm and peaceful lifestyle, where life slows down and I get to soak in every moment. Lounging lakeside, pontooning while admiring the sights, and evenings spent around the campfire are the activities I enjoy the most. Summers spent at the cabin recharge my batteries.




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