Art of the Lakes

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There are few things that can personalize a home more than a piece of art. Which is why a local, lake themed piece is the ideal way to set the tone in your home. with endless options, from furniture to personalized signs, choosing the right piece can be a little overwhelming.

Joan White, an oil artist who’s preferred medium is wood pieces, offers this advice. “Someone once told me ‘we do not choose art, it chooses us,’ and I believe this to be true. If it touches your heart, then you have a piece you will enjoy for a lifetime.”

So where can you go to find that special piece of art that will speak to you? If you prefer the hands-on approach to picking out your decor, Maxine Adams from The Lake Region Arts Council suggests checking out the local galleries. “Almost every town in the area has some sort of display area for local artwork.” Many gift shops also carry locally crafted pieces or have contacts for specialty artists in the area.

While searching out the perfect addition to your home is part ofthe enjoyment for many people, doing it in person is not always an option. Brian Cooney from Lakehouse Lifestyle says the Internet has been a big help for people searching for a unique piece. “Lake art has a niche appeal and unless you live in an area with a large lake community, it is a little difficult to find local art. Many of our pieces are handmade by home-based artists and craftsmen, using vintage lake items like old water skis and paddles. Through the ease of diital photography and email, it is very easy for them to work directly with the customer to choose the right materials and finishes to make something completely custom for a client.”

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