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By Betty Ravnik | Photo Courtesy Company C


I am a huge proponent of area rugs. I happen to own twenty of them! You may think this is excessive, but rugs are the easiest design element and work as one of the most versatile items in any room. Rugs can be viewed as pieces of art. They give personality to a room through pattern, color, shape and size.


So how do area rugs change the character of a room? They are versatile, warm, sound absorbing, and add interest.


Hardwood floors, tile, stone and luxury vinyl are very popular flooring. Adding rugs to these floors are like icing a cake. A great thing gets better with rugs. Another great reason to marry hard surface flooring and rugs is versatility. Rugs can be easily moved within a space or moved to another room and even rolled up for another season. You can invest in heavy, rich wool versions for winter and light cotton ones to use in summer.


Rugs are not only functional; they add aesthetics to a room. Functionally, they add warmth and softness underfoot, as well as acoustic qualities. Aesthetically, they from add color and pattern in a space. In addition, the right rug can be used to define and unify a space by creating an island that anchors the furniture in the room.


I like to recommend large pieces of furniture being minimal in color and pattern; adding pizazz with accessories. Rugs are one of the best ways to add that interest. Unlike carpet, rugs come in unlimited colors, patterns, and sizes and they don’t have to be a permanent decision.


Rugs made for the outdoors is a current trend. These rugs add softness to porches and decks. We are seeing people using outdoor rugs in the interior for two reasons. They clean up nicely and tend to be less expensive. These rugs make great entrance rugs because of abuse they need to take in these areas.


Messina White MultiRugs come in a variety of materials. Wool, silk, cotton, and synthetics are the most common materials. Which material you select depends on the budget and the application.  I prefer a wool rug for the long term investment, beauty and the ease of maintenance. Cotton is great as a casual or summer rug but can have maintenance issues. Silk gives a glamourous feel. Silk rugs are more expensive and should be used in lower traffic areas. Synthetics are great for outdoor use, or when budgets are tight.


I am often asked how to size a rug in the room. In the dining room, the rug should be large enough to still be under the chairs when they are pulled out from the table. In the living room, the furniture should have at least the front legs sitting on the rug; if the room and your wallet can afford it, it is preferable to have all furniture legs on the rug. Rugs at entrances should never be the size of a postage stamp. You should be able to open the door, step back allowing your guests to enter while still being on the rug. A 5×8 rug is a good size if the entry allows for it. The larger the rug, the larger a room will feel.


Rugs come in a variety of shapes. The most common is rectangular, but round, square and hexagon are available in limited patterns. Rugs can be custom ordered in any size, color, shape and pattern. Special orders are more expensive per square foot and take longer to ship, but you get exactly what you want and it will be one of a kind. I once saw a rug that snaked through a house and up a set of stairs. That was 15 years ago and is still very memorable.


Rugs are art for your floor. The floor and ceiling are the largest most expansive spaces in the house. Rugs should not be an afterthought. They can be the starting point and color wheel in every room and they don’t have to be permanent. Add variety to your life; add a rug (or two).



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