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By Alexandra Floersch


Everyone has a different definition of “home sweet home.” For some, it’s a warm, cozy log cabin feel, rounded out with beautiful wood floors, rich autumn hues and a fireplace as the focal point. For others, it’s the cool, refreshing blues of Minnesota lakes country paired with an indoor hammock and furniture made from driftwood.


No matter how homeowners envision home, it takes the perfect combination of design, color, furniture and decor to bring a well-planned theme to life. There are a variety of options when it comes to adding a personal touch of style to your home… many of those options come from an unlikely source: Appliances.


For most people, appliances are nothing but a must-have item purchased with only price and quality in mind. When it came to personalization, consumers were limited to white, black or silver-colored laundry and kitchen appliances that served as a necessity rather than a statement of style. But today, major brands have used technology and art to design appliances with fun in mind.




When it comes to refrigerators, vintage is in.


Big Chill is known for both their “retro” and “pro” line of appliances in various colors. While the retro line focuses on dainty pastels—like buttercup yellow, beach blue and turquoise—the pro line offers bold hues like cabernet, Kelly green and golden yellow. Likewise, SMEG’s “50’s retro style” line encompasses ten different colors, ranging from cream to vibrant lime green and bold orange. The colors themselves make a statement, meaning homeowners can keep the rest of the kitchen simple (and let the fridge do the talking).



Photo courtesy SMEG USA, Inc.


For a more subtle look, homeowners may find matte finishes appealing. GE offers a slate finish, while Whirlpool’s “ice collection” encompasses a clean, modern design in both black and white options.


Stainless steel is also still a popular choice, but it has been reinvented. Samsung introduced black stainless steel at the beginning of the year in correlation with their hi-tech “Family Hub” fridge, which comes equipped with an LCD digital touch screen that means an end to fridge-door clutter. The fridge displays time, notes and other information, simplifying the kitchen’s interior design.


Ranges and Hoods


Ranges and hoods often serve as a focal point in a high-end kitchen. Viking carries a variety of range styles in 15 different colors. Whether homeowners want a statement base color or just vibrant knobs, Bluestar Cooking offers complete customization with a palette of more than 750 colors and 10 metal trims.



Photo courtesy Viking Range LLC


Again, for a more subtle design approach, homeowners can keep the color of their range neutral with black or silver and use the hood to exhibit style and character. Big Chill sells matching hoods in the same color palettes as their “Retro” and “Pro line” refrigerators. But in 2016, both wood and metal hoods are also trendy. Some homeowners are taking a DIY approach and creating their own hoods made from barn wood.


Small Appliances


If homeowners are hesitant to purchase bold, large appliances, perhaps making a splash with smaller appliances is the way to go. New kitchen electronics like stand mixers, coffee pots, juicers and toasters are easy ways to highlight accent colors in the home.



Photo courtesy SMEG USA, Inc.



Photo courtesy SMEG USA, Inc.


Again, SMEG offers vintage-style toasters, stand mixers, blenders, juicers and kettles in various colors—the perfect way to spice up a countertop. KitchenAid—known for products that have been on virtually every homeowner’s wish list—has produced stand mixers, slow cookers, coffee pots, blenders and other small appliances in dozens of colors throughout the years. Currently available in eight models and 30 colors (including honeydew and copper), stand mixers double as both a tool and countertop decor.



Photo courtesy Keurig



To satisfy both your caffeine addiction and your need for flair, both full size pots and single cup makers come in a variety of hues that add the perfect touch to Pinterest’s trending in-home coffee bars. Keurig, specifically, expanded its range from black to a handful of colors, including white and turquoise. Bella Housewares is also known for its fashionable line of coffee makers and patterned tea kettles, as well as its “Diamonds Collection” slow cookers.



Photo courtesy Bella Housewares



Washers and Dryers

Just a decade ago, laundry rooms were always hidden behind closed doors and never included on the home tour. But today, homeowners are realizing that the laundry room is a frequently used space that doesn’t have to be drably utilitarian. By incorporating it into a rear foyer with adequate storage and folding space, the laundry room becomes a space that homeowners no longer loathe spending time in.




Photo courtesy Electrolux


New technology has given us slick, modern designs whereby a washer and dryer have become a thing of beauty. Frigidaire offers sets in blue and black, while LG makes a statement with wild cherry red.




Photo courtesy LG


Sometimes creating “home sweet home” means going beyond expansive wall art and lavish furniture. It’s more than the perfect coat of paint or an accent rug. Being intentional about appliance choices is a great way to enhance the home’s theme or make a bold statement in and of itself.



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